2017 Interests: New and Existing

The week between Christmas and New Years is a particularly good time to plan for the following year.

I realized the other day that I’m orienting myself to take on a number of interests this coming year, so I thought I’d capture them here.

  1. Software Defined Radio (SDR). I already have my HackRF One kit and have already messed with it, but I’m going to be doing some meet-ups here in the Bay Area and going deep on it.
  2. Looking into nootropics and other forms of cognitive enhancement, e.g., exercise, meditation, etc.
  3. Genome mapping and ancestry follow-up. I intend to find out what all my genome has within it, and plugging that into some of the online services that find matches. Perhaps reaching out and comparing notes.
  4. Drones. I’m getting a MAVIC sometime early in the year.
  5. Creating more of my own art. I have two ideas for pieces that I REALLY want to do. I simply lack the location or the training to execute. So I’m going to take some classes or find an artist to spin me up quickly.
  6. Creating EDM music. I’ve signed up for an EDM music class and will be doing that this year. I have some very strong ideas about what I want to make, but need the skills to make them tangible.
  7. Reading and capturing more books. I read a lot in 2016, but I feel I can do better in 2017. The capture part is a big reward for me, and I love the feeling of having all these powerful ideas swirling around inside me that produce their own mutated ideas.
  8. More technical posts around detecting and responding to interesting activity. I am becoming even more obsessed with monitoring, detection, and response. I intend to do a lot more posts like my recent one on Honeytrapping, where I give extremely practical advice on how to capture logs and look for interesting activity.
  9. Keep the podcast and newsletter going strong.

I’m also doing some fascinating stuff at work, and I expect this to be the biggest year for me professionally as well. So. Many. Cool. Projects!

What are you working on?


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