IBM Power Systems Caacity On Demand (POD) hack

Hey guys,

Since IBM won’t sell me a POD activation code for my Power7 server I got second-hand dirt-cheap, and I wish to add a second CPU, I need a POD activation code for that second IBM Power7 CPU to activate and work. Even if IBM did sell me the code, it would be worth 10 to 20 times what I paid for the server.

So I trying to create an activation code – which looks something like this:


What I’ve figured out:

  1. The 00000008 part is how many cores I want to activate. I already have 8 cores activated (with the above POD code), but I want to activate another 8 cores for a second CPU I already have.
  2. The 0041 is a “sequence” number. I would need sequence 0042 for the second CPU (as seen on other IBM 2nd CPU activations)
  3. The 8368 if the “feature” as stated in IBM literature.
  4. The 416516B4CF1FD2E7 part looks like 8 hex numbers (that I would need to find out for the new activation).
  5. The last 11 should be a hex number that should represent a CRC or something, which I would also need.

All in all, I need:


I have gathered about 93 records from the internet with serial numbers and POD codes, some even for the same machine (2 POD codes, since 2 CPUs were activated).

I also believe the POD codes are generated with this info:

System type: 8202

System serial number: 10-E8B4P

Card type: 52C3

Card serial number: 01-018K007

Card ID: 1231064114D83590

So (real example):

How does:

  1. 8202
  2. 10-E8B4P
  3. 52C3
  4. 01-018K007
  5. 1231064114D83590
  6. 8362
  7. 00000008
  8. 0041

Get transformed into:


I want to finally get:


Any ideas?

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