How To Buy Facebook Libra Coin

Facebook just got into digital currency. Facebook’s “Libra” cryptocurrency is expected to launch this year and it’s more like a combination of PayPal and Bitcoin as it will enable you to send money to people and also let you buy things. It is designed to be easy enough for everyone to use. Libra Coin was […]

June 21, 2020

Help setting up multiple POE cameras to my PC.

I am planning a setup where I have 4 Reolink RLC-410’s recording 24/7 to a PC system running Blue Iris or something similar.

As I understand: I need a switch, with 4 POE ports for the cameras, and 1 extra port. This extra port can either go to my router, or my pc?

  • Q1: I know nothing about switches, so is there anything I need to look out for when buying them? Will anything with 4 poe ports and one other port work?

  • Q2: Will all of the features of those Reolink cameras (incl. motion detection, day/night) work on a PC system, rather than Reolink’s own NVR?

  • Q3: If the switch goes to my router, then what? If my PC has internet access, how do I get the feeds from my cameras to my PC? Will Blue Iris detect it automatically from my internet connection and be able to get the separate camera feeds? If not, how would I configure things?


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June 21, 2020