Self-monitoring security system w/ no monthly fees

Hey all,

I’m looking at security systems and not finding anything that meets my exact criteria so far.

What I’m looking for:

1) No monthly fees

2) Door alarms

3) Motion sensors

4) Ability to see a “history” from at least the last week

5) Possibly window alarms

I don’t care about cameras being attached to this, and I don’t need cellular connection or any sort of monitoring. This is mostly to do things like alert us if the (young) kids start moving around upstairs and such. Or if they’ve gone outside when they weren’t supposed to– that sort of thing. Would also be nice in terms of remembering when I left/returned as well.

I’ve used Samsung Smartthings for this in the past, but I’ve been unhappy with their app and their sensors “sticking” in a certain mode when they go offline. Simplisafe seemed like the perfect thing for me, but not being able to have any over-the-network access to it without the monitoring plan kind of kills that for me.

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October 24, 2020

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October 24, 2020

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October 24, 2020