Key developments of 1522 (and notes on the Portuguese Empire)

So, in 1522 CE, our story of the development of Western imperialism continues to focus on many of the same actors as we were tracing the past two years: In January, and on behalf of “Spain” (more precisely, perhaps, the union of Castile and Aragon inaugurated by the 1469 marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella), the … Continue reading Key developments of 1522 (and notes on the Portuguese Empire)

January 2, 2021

Question about DIY home security/security on an extremely tight budget

I am looking for a DIY or otherwise extremely cheap solution to install 3 motion-activated cameras outside my house, to watch each door and the garage.

I have seen many different methods online for setting up your own cameras and security systems, but I’m not sure which would be best. So, I’m wondering what all of you think.

Specifically, I would like a system that works similar to Ring in that I can choose the motion zones and access the camera feeds from a mobile app. I would prefer if they were able to be solar+battery powered, though just rechargeable batteries would be fine if solar ends up being too expensive. And while I am tech savvy, my mother who also lives in the house is not. So while the setup can be as complex as necessary, I would prefer if accessing the feeds is as simple as possible.

Does anyone know what best fits my needs, or if something like this even exists?

Thank you for your time and responses!

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January 2, 2021