Home Security in Apartment

Hey all,
My husband and I are thinking of putting a home security system in our apartment. Mostly just cameras and maybe a doorbell.

We do need to keep the price reasonable (say closer to the 500$ range as I know the cameras and doorbells can be pricey)

Basically, here’s what we need:

  • A camera that faces the back door
  • A camera that faces the front door (Our house is long and not very wide so this would cover most of the entrances on the bottom story)
  • A doorbell. It has no power connection out there so I’m not sure how to set that up (Also the front door has an Awning/cover so it barely gets any actual light)
  • A camera for upstairs (To keep an eye on anybody going up and down the stairs)
  • A camera for looking at the front window (has a mini-roof there that leads to a window. Window is kept locked but it’d be nice to have something there)
  • A camera looking towards the bedroom for safety.
  • maybe a door open/close system from the front and back doors? Unsure if this would actually be worthwhile though?

This is something we’d like to be able to move with as well as this is an apartment and not a permanent living structure (say maybe 2-5 years at most?)

Product suggestions, security suggestions, anything would be highly appreciated

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October 10, 2021