Moment Ukrainian drone drops grenades on Russian soldier in staunch warning to invading forces

THIS is the shocking moment a Ukrainian drone dropped grenades on a Russian soldier in a staunch warning to invading forces.

The footage appears to show the unmanned military flyer dropping grenades on a pro-Putin soldier in a trench. 


The wounded Russian soldier was seen cowering in a ditch[/caption]


The video was shared Nov 6 in a possible warning to Russian draftees of the dangers at the front[/caption]


Grenades are seen falling from the drone to the ground on top of the man[/caption]


One explodes a short distance from his feet and smoke is seen going into the air[/caption]

The man appears to be injured as he’s seen lying on his side in the dirt.

During the first strike, a small grenade hits his back but fails to explode.

He’s seen tossing it away before staggering down the trench.

A second grenade lands at his front as he lies crouching in the trench. 



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He again throws it away from him and it explodes a distance away.

When the third grenade hits the ground near him, smoke is seen rising into the air.

Claims online suggest the incident was in the spring, and that the man – believed to be a pro-Putin fighter in Donbas – survived. 

The graphic and disturbing footage has been used to show Russian forces the peril they face on the frontline.

A Russian comment to the footage says: “The Ukrainians boast that they spent three grenades on a wounded Russian army soldier. 

“This video, stronger than anything else, shows that Ukrainians kill for fun.” 

It comes as new reports are emerging of heavy Russian losses in certain areas. 

Russian state TV war reporter Alexander Sladkov, a staunch loyalist, posted on his own Telegram channel has warned of a bloodbath among Putin’s forces in the Pavlovka area of Ukraine’s Donetsk region, currently occupied by Kremlin troops.

He said “the blood is pouring and pouring” among Russian forces.

It was revealed that marines from the Pacific Fleet on the ground in Pavlovka are making a desperate appeal via their governor for senior defence ministry chiefs to act to halt the haemorrhage.

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There were “great losses” of people and equipment. 

They are asking governor Oleg Kozhemyako to force action from the defence ministry. 


Shocking video of the drone attack emerged online[/caption]


Missiles are seen falling from on top of the solider below[/caption]

November 6, 2022