4 Features of Veracode Greenlight Developers Are Guaranteed to Love

Leveraging our proven, SaaS-based static engine, Veracode Greenlight finds security defects in your code and provides contextual remediation advice to help you fix issues in seconds, right in your IDE. This powerful solution will “greenlight” your code and make your job easier. Here’s how:

1. Get Security Feedback in Seconds

DevOps speed and security roadblocks don’t mix. Skip the roadblocks and move to a tool that enables DevSecOps at the true pace of development.

2. Find Flaws as They're Introduced Into Code

Early feedback is less painful than late feedback. Greenlight gives you fast feedback on small batch sizes, giving you insight into problems before they progress downstream.

3. And Fix Them!

Secure code = quality code. With Veracode Greenlight, you check in clean, quality code – and deal with less issues during integration and pre-production testing.

 4. Know When You're Doing It Wrong AND When You're Doing It Right

The easiest flaw to fix is the one you don’t make. Greenlight scans in seconds, so you learn while you’re coding, until secure coding becomes second nature. Veracode Greenlight will even show you where you successfully avoided making an error so you can learn as you go.

Want Greenlight to make your job easier? Find out more.

Source: https://www.veracode.com

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