Alexa helps you shop on iOS but won’t play Spotify

Alexa, once confined to Amazon’s Echo devices, is going places. The popular virtual assistant is in cars, Huawei’s Mate 9 smartphone, the Lynx robot, an LG smart refrigerator, and Dish’s Hopper DVR, to name a few.

As of this week, Alexa now exists within Amazon’s iOS shopping app, too. Which means Alexa lives in the same device as Apple’s Siri.

I tested Alexa on my iPhone 7 Plus. Much of what it does on an Amazon Echo device, it did on my iPhone. Some examples include the following:

  •  I turned my office lamp (connected to a Belkin Wemo switch) on and off.
  •  Alexa told me the local weather forecast.
  • I asked ‘how is traffic’ to find out travel time to my default work destination.
  • I tracked my most recent order.
  • I ordered my usual Starbucks latte. I ordered a refill of a liquid soap product.
alexa ios Amazon

But a few requests fell on deaf ears:

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