Amadeus picks VMware Integrated OpenStack for private cloud

If you’ve traveled at all, it’s likely you will have crossed paths with products from Amadeus IT Group — whether that’s the software that manages flight searches and hotel bookings or boarding a plane. Now the 30-year-old company has picked VMware to deliver a private OpenStack-based cloud, to support VMware vSphere workloads and as part of a wider digital transformation.

Amadeus built its own private cloud to better address the agility, stability and scale needs of its own internal operations team and those of its customers.

“[Travel] is a very specific segment and a very demanding environment,” says Udo Sebald, who runs service portfolio management at Amadeus. “The systems that we operate have to scale to a very large number of transactions – if you imagine we process 3.8 billion transactions per day in peak situations it gives you an impression. Our systems need to be very scalable and flexible to satisfy peak demands.”

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