Amazon Just Announced the Touchscreen Echo Nobody Asked For

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon just announced a new grandmaster Echo gadget with the company’s voice-assistant technology built in. It’s called the Echo Show. It’s got a touchscreen. It’s got wi-fi and Bluetooth. It costs $230. And it’s even creepier than its siblings. At its core, the Echo Show is just a regular Echo with a 7-inch screen. That screen lets you watch YouTube videos and see the weather forecast after you’ve asked for it. The new gadget also lets you make calls, video calls, and send text messages to other people using Echos or to mobile devices with the Alexa app installed. Thanks to Alexa integration with gadgets from Arlo and Ring, you can also see what your nanny cam sees. But check this out: the Echo Show also has a 5-megapixel, front-facing camera. So now, instead of your Echo just listening to your commands, it can watch you as well. The Echo Show joins the screen-free Echo Look as the second Amazon Echo device to feature a camera. On a sidenote, Amazon said it will bring the voice-calling ability to all other Echo devices.

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