Ask Slashdot: How Should You Launch A Software Startup?

Slashdot reader ben-hnb is a developer who loves the idea of running a startup, or being one of the ones who got in early. But how exactly does he get there?
I’ve got no “business” experience. Everyone seems to want to get on the startup incubator train — the latest U.K. model I’ve seen, Launchpad, would even train (MA!) and support me financially for a year while developing the initial product. This just one in a long list of different models, from the famous Y-Combinator three-month model to the 500 Startups four-month seed program and simple co-working spaces with a bit of help, like Launch 22. If you wanted to get a startup going, where would you go to first and why? Or would you just strike out in your bedroom/garage? Leave your best answers in the comments. How would you launch a software startup?

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