Sensitivity of motion sensors – trying to track my lost snake in my house!!

This is a weird question but my rat snake escaped his enclosure last Thursday.

I have turned the house upside down looking for him. No luck.

We used strategic flour lines to confirmed he is alive and still in the house and narrowed the rooms he could be in. Saturday night I could see he had moved all over the damn house. He doesnt move every night and the flour lines are hard to interpret and have not led to his arrest.

I don’t think I will catch him unless I get woken up in the night while he is moving. Esp if he stays inside the washing machine or stove which is where i believe he is hiding most days. Which we can’t use for fear of hurting him wherever he is and can’t take apart/remove from the wall.

I ordered a basic Wyze v3 and I’m hoping to aim it at a dead rat that I’m going to leave out for him near the appliances and have it blow up my phone when it senses movement. The problem is snakes move very slowly and carefully and arent shaped like people , I’m worried it won’t trip the sensors.

Will a wyze cam work or should i buy a more expensive set up??

Edit: pics of the flour and snake… still not found..

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May 17, 2022

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May 17, 2022