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The Fog Rolls In

There is an IT market segment, with roots dating back to the 1800s, that is growing at 60% CAGR and yet, almost no one has heard of it. There is even an industry consortium for this market, with big-name founding members like Dell Technologies, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft.  And when you hear the name for the first couple of times, you think it might be a prank.  It’s called Fog Computing.

The first time I heard the actual phrase “fog computing” was in the fall of 2015.  David DeWitt, Technical Fellow, and Rimma Nehme, Principal Research Engineer, both of Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab, were presenting a keynote session at a database conference titled “Data Management for Internet of Things.”   At first I thought maybe “fog computing” was a tongue-in-check departure from the normal “cloud computing” is the future of everything hype so prevalent at many conferences. Before the session was over I had discovered enough interesting content on my personal Internet of Things device (also known as a smart phone) to know it was not a joke.  I was fascinated by the concept and immediately realized that what David and Rimma were saying not only made sense, it was the only way the Internet of Things was going to be possible.

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