BrandPost: How Cloud Computing Can Be a Change Agent in Your Enterprise

Are you an enabler or a digital leader? Do you view the CIO’s role as that of a change agent or more like an IT triage surgeon?

Many CIOs are conflicted by the need to maximize the value of existing infrastructure while laying the path for digital transformation. Some CIOs may think that the key to effective digital leadership lies in simply clearing the way for business units to quickly innovate by freely consuming cloud services. Grasping a leadership role may be a better option.

Gartner says that 29% of IT spend comes from business units, and that rate is going to increase. “This business-driven IT was often a means of getting around traditional slow-paced IT processes,” Gartner states. “However, in today’s world, it is more often designed to provide technically savvy business people a means of implementing new ideas quickly, while adapting to, or entering, new markets as effortlessly as possible.”

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