BrandPost: Is Single Sign-On Right for Your Users?

Efficiency is important in business at all levels. The last thing a business needs to do is introduce complications into their day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, upgrading the technology your business operates on can have this effect. However, if you’re switching to Microsoft online services, Azure Active Directory is here to alleviate that complexity.

When implementing any of Microsoft user-centric cloud services (their SaaS line of cloud apps) one of the first things you should consider is your users’ credentialing habits and how they normally prefer to access applications. As the most popular and widely adopted SaaS platform Microsoft has, Exchange Online will serve as our example. Exchange servers being run locally require that your infrastructure have Active Directory control and administer your user identities and credentialing. This makes the email access process very simple on the user’s end of things. Simply log into your system in the morning, and the authentication handles both access to network services as well as your Exchange mailbox. Mail will simply flow to the client as you’d expect, and you are free to work using this one login. How does moving the Exchange service off site affect this?  

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