BrandPost: Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics at Strata + Hadoop World Conference San Jose

Machine Learning and Real-Time Analytics at Strata + Hadoop World Conference San Jose

Another great Strata+Hadoop World Conference took place in San Jose the week of March 13, 2017. Topics covered included mostly Apache Hadoop projects, but a great deal of the attention was put toward machine learning and real-time analytics.

I can particularly appreciate the importance of real-time analytics in the present digital transformation climate. When it comes to businesses and driving your brand to greatness, applications and real-time analytics can truly make you or break you.

I think about the multiple applications I have on my phone and the impact they have on me each day, even when simply walking into a store. Take for instance, a large warehouse membership store where I shop on a bi-monthly basis. I buy the same brands and products every time. I have their app on my phone. Now imagine the impact that application and real-time analytics can bring to my shopping experience. With a real-time experience, as I walk down the aisle, the application could present coupons for the products that I use. The application could present special discounts on products that are often bought with the products I use. With data analytics, the application would not present coupons for steaks when I only buy vegetables and vegetarian products. This is where I think businesses tend to fail when it comes to real-time analytics. So often, they refuse to learn more about their customers and then act accordingly. There is little more frustrating than using an application for a business you clearly support and have them present you with offers for that are not even of remote interest. I don’t have children so please do not show me diaper coupons. That type of experience ends up being frustrating and I’m not alone when I say that it can result in me disconnecting myself from the application or the business.

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