BrandPost: Managing the Network for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (DT) is an extinction-level event for enterprises — it’s “go digital or die” — so your network must be DT-capable.

On average, companies that embrace DT can expect to increase annual revenues by 2.9% and reduce costs by 3.6%. That’s game changing, but companies that go all in are likely to forecast “both revenue gains of more than 30% and cost reduction of more than 30% at the same time.”

The network is the framework that supports DT technologies, services, and business initiatives. However, while IT grapples with cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics (BDA), mobility, social media, and security, they do so with limited time, money, and resources. Typically, IT managers spend more than 50% of their time on manual, time-consuming management tasks versus only 21% of their time on innovative, strategic initiatives to help accelerate the business. Digital leaders rank insufficient network resources at the top of the list of obstacles to achieving digital objectives.

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