BrandPost: Offshore and Immigrant Labor: A Protectionism Conundrum

According to the recently released KPMG 4Q16 survey, there is “measured but growing optimism” regarding global economic conditions in 2017. Compared with last year, fewer respondents cited a weak economy or inadequate IT infrastructure as negative trends.                                                        

As we relayed in Part 1 of this series, however, there is still concern related to potential policy changes in the United States regarding immigration and trade protectionist issues, and how that will affect organizational use of offshore resources. Companies have been following this topic closely ever since the president-elect Donald Trump warned U.S. companies in December about moving operations out of the country, and had a watchful eye even back when Trump’s campaign speeches came out in support of protectionist policies related to international trade. Much of the talked focused on blue collar work such as manufacturing but the scope was over time widened to include white collar such as information technology work. While it remains unclear what is coming down the pike now that the president is in office, many wonder what changes could be in store for organizations using third-party services, particularly third-party offshore service providers.

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