BrandPost: Omnichannel: Seeing the World Through Customer-Colored Glasses

After meeting with many retail customers, I’ve found that a common ingredient among the most successful ones is an “outside-in” approach. Great retailers think carefully about what kinds of experiences their customers want and expect; it’s the exact opposite of the “build it and they will come” mentality espoused by many businesses (some of which aren’t around any longer).

The experience they’re all trying to get to right now in the pervasive mashup of ecommerce and retail is something called omnichannel: the harmonious and almost unnoticeable switching across the various avenues to interact with each customer.

The advantages of thinking outside-in by offering omnichannel experiences are clear across retail. This philosophy has some particularly compelling applications in specific subsegments of this market, where many players have begun to transform into digital businesses.

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