BrandPost: Walgreens: Expanding Customer Loyalty with Microservices

Not too long ago, if a big brand wanted to implement an omnichannel customer rewards program, it was a little like gathering 1,000 or so of your closest friends for a particularly epic and elaborate mannequin challenge video—it was logistically daunting, and beholden to so many moving pieces that a hiccup or proposed change anywhere in the chain could bring the whole thing crashing down.

Needless to say, that old approach limited what brands could do, and who was willing to partner with them. With its microservices strategy, powered by Apigee Edge, Walgreens is showing that those limits no longer apply.

Microservices break up the complexity of a full, rich application into a series of discrete services connected through APIs. This approach enables different teams to move at different speeds without affecting one another. It also standardizes communication between software elements and promotes reusability of resources, among other benefits.

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