BrandPost: Why “I’m Just Not Technical” is No Longer an Excuse in the C-Suite

I cannot tell you how many board meetings I’ve been in and heard “I am just not technical.” Not being “tech savvy” is no longer a valid excuse for not understanding the threats your organization faces, nor what needs to be done to provide protection. If you’re in the budgeting, decision making or approval process for technology investments, you have no choice. You need to be plugged into the technical aspects business operations.

You don’t have to understand the technical ins and outs of malware development or vulnerability exploitation to recognize the effects it can have on your organization. We are well into the digital age, so you must educate yourself in order to be a part of the solution. After all, the future of your organization could depend on it. While you might not be a certified technologist, here are two things you can do to hedge your bets:

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