BrandPost: Winning With Analytics & Automation

Jim Foley, CTO of Joe Gibbs Racing

JGR is a professional stock car racing team, with headquarters in North Carolina. As the company’s CTO, Foley is responsible for running a network that must analyze and transmit information during races in real time — to as many as 40 members of a car’s team, working in multiple locations on a track and at JGR headquarters.

What roles do big data and analytics play in racing and in JGR’s network?

At the race track there are several sources of data we’re pulling in real time. There is the timing and scoring information, lap times, and lap times of our competitors. We also bring in a lot of video and photos for real-time analysis. Then there’s information about the vehicle’s performance, whether it’s engine temperatures or steering wheel angle, which tells us a little bit about what’s going on with the driver.

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