BrandPost: Winning With Omnichannel Is Like Learning a New Language

Languages have fascinated me since I was a young child. Words hold a power and history whose lure I could never resist, and I’ve made a lifelong hobby of learning new languages.

To my surprise and delight, what started as a personal fascination has gradually given me insight into my job at Apigee helping companies execute digital platform and omnichannel strategies. I’m often asked, for example, whether someone can learn a foreign language using some popular app. No, you can’t, I always reply. You can’t learn a new language from any one tool. That’s not how learning a language works.

I see the same thing in business. A company acquires skills in a few areas – web apps, say – and starts to wonder if it’s on its way to omnichannel goodness. No, you’re not, I always advise in this scenario. You’re focusing too much energy areas, and other parts of your business are withering—just like aspects of your language skills wither if you only use one app.  

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