Uh Oh 365

In an earlier post, I talked about how some vendors tend to push enterprises into a weaker security posture. In this post, I continue with information relating to Office 365. Microsoft’s cloud implementation of the Office suite is mind boggling in its complexity and sheer want of native connectivity. If you are using a proxy, […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

January 11, 2018

Deceit and duplicity in the pursuit of monetizing social media

One thing I really dislike is deceit and duplicity in the pursuit of monetizing social media. LinkedIn is a prime example, especially after its acquisition by Microsoft. Ever since Nadella took the helm, Microsoft seems hell bent on monetizing anything that moves — and I think we’re just seeing the beginning with LinkedIn. LinkedIn members […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

January 7, 2018

The Gaming Industry Going Into 2018

Is the Game Industry Today Mirroring the Landscape of the 1983 Crash? Given the industry’s early years, the continued strengthening of the economics of video games has enjoyed phenomenal longevity since its last recession. With the industry having survived two severe crashes in quick succession – in 1977 and then in 1983 – the fact […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

January 4, 2018

Credit Due Where Credit Deserved – Microsoft

In the past, I have criticized Microsoft for the privacy invasive defaults of Win10. I failed to mention a feature that sheds a bit of light on what they collect. Beyond changing many of the settings using tools (which I highlighted here), you can actually review and delete some of the metadata being collected. If […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

December 21, 2017

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, fraud, and marketing…

It’s not so many years ago that my arm was twisted into writing a blog article about Black Friday and Cyber Monday scams. I had to look up both terms before I wrote on the topic because they didn’t mean much to people in the UK back in 2009 (and in fact the term/marketing initiative […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

November 25, 2017

The Equifax Breach – Another case for professionalizing Information Security

One of my part-time hobbies is pushing to professionalize the Information Security profession. Admittedly, it is a lonely pastime and not nearly as exhilarating as it sounds. I wrote a multi-part article about the topic called “What does Information Security have in common with Eastern Air Lines Flight 401?” Allow me to quote myself: Providing […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

September 23, 2017

Are Crowdfunding and the Gaming Industry Failing Each Other?

Kickstarter Games’ Failures Crowdfunding has firmly established itself as part of 21st-century economics, despite a lot of early and ongoing scepticism. Prominent crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the centrepiece of these emerging economies, has seen more than three billion dollars-worth of pledges across all its projects. Ever adaptive and eager for new methods of monetization, the gaming […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

September 22, 2017

The Equifax breach beggars belief

The art of spin is to make bad news look like good news. Well, good luck to Equifax in spinning its way out of the loss of 143 million credit records in America. Equifax UK, however, is having a stab at it. With classic timing it released its statement late on Friday — I received […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

September 17, 2017

September Sketch: Machine Learning Takes Charge of Security

There probably actually isn’t anything to worry about with the U.S. military bolstering its user-authentication security with machine learning – being ahead of the curve on AI is apparently the only way to be sure of winning World War 3, after all. But one can’t help being reminded of…well, virtually every sci-fi movie and book […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

September 5, 2017

Industry Vs. Consumer: Pre-orders, Critics and Hype

Pre-orders: Selling Promises Every year seems to bring a new feature from one or another gaming publication on why pre-orders are a bad concept, urging consumers to reject them after various high-profile games have under-delivered on their promises. Pre-orders certainly have fewer benefits for the consumer when compared to publishers and retailers; a pre-order purchase […] Source: http://itsecurity.co.uk

August 21, 2017