Linux: A Portable Operating System With Morals

Linus Torvalds’s Master’s Thesis in 1997 was “Linux: a Portable Operating System” and offers this advice on page 32: …no operating system should enforce its own set of morals upon the user programs unless that enforcement is required by security issues… Source:

December 29, 2019

This Day in History: 1862 Largest Mass Execution in American History

The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) explains how an American war with Native Americans in 1862 ended with an unjust trial and huge number of executions: The trials of the Dakota were conducted unfairly in a variety of ways. The evidence was sparse, the tribunal was biased, the defendants were unrepresented in unfamiliar proceedings conducted in a foreign language, and authority for convening the tribunal was lacking. More fundamentally, neither the…

December 27, 2019

Pennsylvania Man Arrested in Hawaii for California Hate Crimes

The latest report suggests he briefly visited and desecrated a religious center in California and then fled to Hawaii, where facial recognition cameras spotted him: A Pennsylvania man accused in the recent vandalism of a Beverly Hills synagogue was arrested in Hawaii and is being charged being charged under a hate crime enhancement, police said Wednesday. Anton Nathaniel Redding, 24, of Millersville, Pennsylvania, was arrested in Kona… The Millersville reference…

December 25, 2019

Facebook Fails Basic Audit of 2019 Civil Rights Legal Settlement

Dion Diamond of the Non-Violent Action Group during a sit-in at the Cherrydale Drug Fair in Arlington, Virginia gets harassed by white nationalists. Two-weeks of protests in June 1960, despite physical blows and lit-cigarettes being thrown, led to Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax restaurants removing explicit racism from their services. Gus Chinn/Courtesy of the DC Public Library Washington Star Collection/Washington Post A fascinating new paper (Algorithms That “Don’t See Color”: Comparing…

December 24, 2019

Could NASCAR Be America’s Blueprint for Driverless Ethics?

New Yorker, April 17, 1995, Leo Cullum Years ago I wrote about the cheating of NASCAR car drivers. And recently at the last BSidesLV conference I pointed out in my talk how human athletes in America get banned for cheating, while human car drivers get respect. Anyway I was reading far too much on this topic when I starting thinking how NASCAR studies of ten years ago to end cheating…

December 23, 2019

Robots Get Butter Driving Skills

Nividia boasts in the Sacramento Bee of a truck that was able to drive a load of butter across America …the first coast-to-coast commercial freight trip made by a self-driving truck, according to the company’s press release. announced on Tuesday that its truck traveled from Tulare, California, to Quakertown carrying over 40,000 pounds of Land O’Lakes butter. Mercury News says it took three days on two interstate routes and…

December 20, 2019

1953 Machina Speculatrix: The First Swarm Drone?

A talk I was watching recently suggested researchers finally had cracked how robots could efficiently act like a swarm. Their solution? Movement based entirely on a light sensor. That sounded familiar to me so I went back to one of my old presentations on IoT/AI security and found a slide showing the same discovery claim from 1953. Way back then people used fancier terms than just swarm. W. Grey Walter…

December 19, 2019

Car Runs on Your Data? Hot Rod it With Some Decentralization

Cool kids run their rods on decentralized oil, thanks to Diesel who not only warned of centralization dangers but invented solutions to it A month ago I was on a call with some top security experts in the industry. We were discussing my upcoming presentation about exciting control options and data privacy from applying decentralization standards to the automotive industry. To put it briefly I was explaining how web decentralization…

December 18, 2019

Quebec Converts Crosswalks to Pop-up Car Barriers

Clearly there’s a very predictable problem when crosswalks don’t protect pedestrians. I’ve given countless lectures on the history of crosswalks, and the simple fact (written here before) that they were a sad conspiracy by American car manufacturers to remove pedestrians (especially women) off the road entirely. Thus the acts of creating crosswalks and enforcing them have become extremely political acts to perpetuate the conspiracy, usually transferring absolute power to just…

December 16, 2019

Facebook Failed to Encrypt Data, Failed to Notice Breach, Didn’t Notify Victims for a Month

The timeline delays seem rather strange for 2019 The break-in happened on Nov. 17, and Facebook realized the hard drives were missing on Nov. 20, according to the internal email. On Nov. 29, a “forensic investigation” confirmed that those hard drives included employee payroll information. Facebook started alerting affected employees on Friday Dec. 13. The company didn’t notice hard drives missing for half a week. The robbery was on a…

December 16, 2019