Electronic shipping display systems are “simple” to disable, expert warns

November 28, 2017

A shipping cybersecurity expert has warned that many of the Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) that ships use are “simple” enough to disable, exposing the vessels to numerous operational risks. An ECDIS is a geographic information system used for maritime navigation. These systems display information from Electronic Navigational Charts, and combine it with other data gathered by sensors such as radar, depth sounders, automatic identification systems, and more….


Automated Ships – Questions Regarding Security Clearances

November 24, 2017

There are important questions that arise from the concept of autonomous ships. This is not to say that automation is wrong-headed, evil or negligent – but we need to put those questions out into the wider community so that as we work to realize certain benefits, we do not do so in a way that exposes the industry and the communities it supports at greater risk. The first aspect is…


Humans Bigger Cyber Security Risk than Unmanned Ships

November 22, 2017

A new industry survey highlights industry concern about the cyber security and legal uncertainty surrounding unmanned ships, but the human element associated with cyber security could be a greater concern, says the survey organizers. Almost two thirds of global marine industry executives believe there is uncertainty surrounding liability issues relating to unmanned ships should a vessel be involved in an incident as a result of a cyber-attack, according to the…


Cybersecurity risks weigh on shipping industry

November 21, 2017

Who is responsible when an unmanned vessel falls victim to a cyber-attack? What happens when an unmanned vessel causes a collision with other shipping? These are just two of the issues that global law firm Clyde & Co and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) asked 220 marine executives. The results show that there is confusion over liability and a fear that unmanned vessels pose a greater…


Cybersecurity: Eight Tenets to Consider

November 20, 2017

Cybersecurity risks to the nation’s critical infrastructure, now defined as 17 sectors including the transportation and maritime sector, are growing exponentially. The maritime sector is a cornerstone of national and economic security. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has stated  that “80 percent of global trade by volume and more than 70 per cent of its value being carried on board ships and handled by seaports worldwide,”…


Maritime Cyber Security: The Wrong Formula

November 16, 2017

For many industries, cyber security is about target hardening and perimeter defense. This makes sense, as cyber security is implemented in much the same way that physical security is implemented. We often think of it in terms of the medieval castle design, which translates to defense in depth in modern vernacular. The focus on defense in depth can be explained by a simple equation: Security = Hardened Target + Perimeter Defense…


Tiffin University hosts Maritime Cyber security symposium

… consumers. And while the modern maritime industry relies on being connected … .S Coast Guard has added maritime cyber defense to their operations. For …  countries at the 8th Annual Maritime Symposium at Tiffin university. The … important, is to protect the maritime transportation system. Because it is …

November 15, 2017

Legislative Efforts in the Wake of Maritime Cyberattacks

In June the maritime industry experienced what many consider a particularly insidious form of cyber attack known as GPS Spoofing, where global positioning system data is subtly manipulated to the point of grave inaccuracy. According to the U.S. Maritime Administration, at least 20 ships in the Black Sea were affected. While at sea, these ships erroneously reported positions at an airport 32 kilometers inland. Although the event resulted in minimal fallout, recent events…

November 14, 2017

Did the Maersk cyber attack reveal an industry dangerously unprepared?

November 9, 2017

A recent survey by Futurenautics found that shipping companies are still largely unprotected from potential cyber attacks, even after the recent ransomware attack that left Maersk reeling. Joe Baker examines the current state of preparedness for protecting vessels from cyber threats and finds out what’s being done both from a technological and regulatory point of view. In recent years, shipping companies have become increasingly reliant on interconnectivity between IT systems…


Survey points that the maritime industry lacks cyber security training

More than two-thirds of crew across the shipping industry may not have received any cyber security training from their employers, according to the results of an online survey. More than 84% of respondents said they had limited or no training in cyber security despite well over half of respondents acknowledging that they had a degree of responsibility for maintaining the security of IT systems on board the vessels where they…

October 23, 2017