December 2016 Web Server Survey

In the December 2016 survey we received responses from 1,739,031,487 sites and 6,169,471 web-facing computers; this reflects a large increase of 302 million sites, but a small loss of 55,900 computers.

All three of the largest server vendors gained sites this month, with growth concentrated at a handful of lesser-known web hosting providers. These changes have triggered large jumps in market share, with nginx (+3.2 percentage points) and Microsoft (+1.6 p.p.) gaining, and Apache losing (-2.2 p.p.).

The growth in number of sites was not reflected in other metrics this month, however, with small drops being seen in both the total number of web-facing computers (-0.9%) and the number of active sites (-0.8%).

Nginx was the only major web server vendor to experience gains across all metrics this month, including active sites, web-facing computers, and the million busiest sites. It now stands only 390,000 computers (6 percentage points) behind second place Microsoft, having surpassed Microsoft in terms of active sites in January 2012, and the top million busiest sites in May 2013.

Previously the 10th most commonly seen web server in terms of active sites, “”, has vanished this month after the website builder began using the Cloudflare CDN service. Cloudflare uses a customised version of nginx (cloudflare-nginx), that powered over 3.6 million active sites in the December survey.

Looking back over 2016, the total number of sites seen in the survey has grown significantly, from 900 million in January to 1.7 billion in December. Much of this growth can be attributed to Microsoft, which has gained more than 520 million hostnames and risen from 28.95% market share to 45.07%. However, the more stable active sites metric shows nginx grew the most this year, having increased by 4.8 million active sites and 2.85 percentage points of market share over the course of 2016.

The year also saw the notable rise of OpenResty: in January, OpenResty was being used by 760,000 sites, 200,000 active sites, and just 3,100 web-facing computers; but in September, switched from using nginx to OpenResty for millions of Tumblr blogs. The number of sites using OpenResty in December is now nearly 15 million, the number of active sites is 5.8 million, and the number of web-facing computers seen running OpenResty has increased to nearly 8,000. The server is now the 9th most popular by number of web-facing computers.

Microsoft’s newest web server software, IIS 10.0, was released this year although it is yet to make a significant impact in the number of sites. Windows Server 2016, the primary operating system for running IIS 10.0 was only fully released in October after months of preview releases; the December 2016 survey finds the operating system being used on 5,800 web-facing computers to host 18,250 sites.

Another notable arrival during 2016 were the hundreds of thousands of Western Digital My Cloud personal storage devices. These Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices run an Apache web server and each has a hostname on the domain. The fact that these devices are placed in end-users’ homes, using less-stable home Internet connections, and more commonly powered off than a typical web server has increased the volatility of the Apache web-facing computer data. The December 2016 survey found 680,000 sites for these devices.

Total number of websites

Web server market share

Developer November 2016 Percent December 2016 Percent Change
Microsoft 625,173,664 43.51% 783,790,492 45.07% 1.56
Apache 324,174,417 22.56% 354,949,196 20.41% -2.15
nginx 202,932,122 14.12% 300,839,507 17.30% 3.17
Google 20,689,273 1.44% 18,602,544 1.07% -0.37

Web server market share for active sites

Developer November 2016 Percent December 2016 Percent Change
Apache 80,012,251 46.67% 77,011,462 45.27% -1.41
nginx 31,239,615 18.22% 32,113,723 18.88% 0.65
Microsoft 15,257,724 8.90% 17,554,286 10.32% 1.42
Google 13,607,864 7.94% 12,002,411 7.05% -0.88

For more information see Active Sites

Web server market share for top million busiest sites

Developer November 2016 Percent December 2016 Percent Change
Apache 421,783 42.18% 421,308 42.13% -0.05
nginx 278,349 27.83% 281,525 28.15% 0.32
Microsoft 105,963 10.60% 103,862 10.39% -0.21
Google 18,863 1.89% 18,230 1.82% -0.06
Web server market share for computers

Developer November 2016 Percent December 2016 Percent Change
Apache 2,864,288 46.01% 2,812,865 45.59% -0.42
Microsoft 1,532,513 24.62% 1,508,907 24.46% -0.16
nginx 1,102,360 17.71% 1,121,309 18.18% 0.47


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