Delivering on the Promise of Business-Driven Security™ Globally

Today, with the introduction of RSA Business-Driven Security, we also introduced the RSA Risk and Cybersecurity Practice. This Practice includes more than 650 globally deployed, employee-based cybersecurity and risk experts to help our clients operationalize their unique business-driven security strategy. Our primary tenant is enabling and accelerating the business while reducing risk, thus creating the foundation for a client’s risk and/or cybersecurity program. RSA helps clients operationalize their program through maturing and optimizing their risk management, identity assurance, fraud prevention, and threat detection and response programs. Moreover, because attackers are known to actively exploit the gaps between these historically discrete solutions, we act as the glue to connect these programs into a comprehensive and exponentially more resilient system.

Industrywide, organizations struggle to address risk and cybersecurity in a way that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of the business, organization or government agency. As a services organization, RSA’s customers’ success is the most crucial factor in our own success. It’s widely accepted that security isn’t simply a matter of technology and products. People and process are equally important (if not more crucial) for the ultimate success of any program or project.  A fundamental understanding and analysis of business requirements, gaps, resources, and processes are compulsory for formulating, executing, sustaining and achieving a successful outcome for any risk and/or cyber security program. With over 1,000 active projects on any given day, and over 2,500 unique project engagements per year, RSA has one of the most seasoned teams of experts and proven approaches to applying a success-based methodology.

Our expert practitioners facilitate and support ongoing strategic relationships with our customers in both advisory and tactical capacities. These engagements also provide a broader benefit, beyond delivering better services, by providing guidance and insight to RSA on the future direction of our products and continual tuning of our best practices.

Benefits to RSA Customers

  • Ability to maximize resources (people, process and technology), in the most effective and efficient way possible, to achieve the organization’s business objectives
  • Ability to leverage a proven methodology for taking customers on a journey of success in operationalizing their risk and cybersecurity programs
  • Access to a global pool of RSA advisory, consulting and professional services further enhanced by RSA’s Strategic Partner and Strategic Alliance network of consultants
  • Delivery of services, solutions and expertise anywhere, anytime, under any situation

Benefits to RSA Partners

These are exciting times for our customers and Partners alike. This practice allows partners to leverage RSA in taking our customers on the operationalizing journey.

As with customers, no two RSA partners are alike, allowing for us to complement each other based on situational needs including:

  • Diverse skills
  • Bench strength
  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Geographical and language support
  • Government clearances and global citizenship requirements
  • Contractual relationships with clients
  • Cost sensitivities
  • Technology-specific experience

RSA’s customer success managers, sales representatives, practitioners, and partners are all committed to the success of our clients. RSA is further committed to:

  • Providing a single global experience leveraging RSA’s Business-Driven Security model supporting clients of varying capabilities, geographical coverage, scale, and other variables.
  • Providing a global pool of highly accredited resources.
  • Providing industry- and customer-specific services to create best-in-class service offerings and validate operational capabilities of RSA products and their integration with 3rd party products.
  • Facilitate ongoing, strategic relationships with our partners and customers.
  • Leverage RSA University to enable our customers to become more self-reliant.

We are excited for the opportunity to continue our collaboration with our clients and partners in building successful business-driven security strategies, solutions and programs.

We will showcase the RSA Risk and Cybersecurity Practice in our booth theater (N3601) at 2:20pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 12 noon on Thursday. You can also reach us during the show at or +1.800.599.0140 or +1.202.380.9603.


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