Delta Airlines Tests Facial Recognition To Speed Up Baggage Check-In

Would you let Delta airlines scan your face if it meant you could skip the line to check-in your baggage? An anonymous reader quotes CNN:
Delta is testing a face-scanning kiosk for baggage check… It uses facial recognition technology to match your identity to your passport photo. You tag your own bags, pay the fee and drop your luggage on a conveyor belt… Delta will test four of the machines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer. The airline spent $600,000 on the four kiosks. A senior staff attorney at the EFF warns this could be a slippery slope — at what point this morphs into airline surveillance? But a Delta spokerspeson insists the images won’t be stored, that they’re complying with privacy laws, and that the kiosks could double the number of passengers whisking through their check-in procedures.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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