Disruptive AI Bots Are Aleady Delivering Radical Leaps In Productivity

The CTO of Textio is describing the “already happening” AI disruption that no one’s noticed, arguing that voice-activated assistants are “just one small part of what AI is about — and not the part that will matter the most for the enterprise companies that actually buy almost $4 trillion in software and services each year.” An anonymous reader writes:
Jensen Harris describes “the less-flashy flavor of AI that is changing the nature of work itself: headless AI…the application of artificial intelligence to vastly improve internal business processes. It is fully transforming the crucial machinery of business — processes like hiring, lead generation, financial modeling, and information security. Legacy software has become a commodity in all of these areas, and purpose-built AI solutions will get a larger and larger wallet share of these huge enterprise cost centers.” Combining machine intelligence with learning loops, these constantly-evolving algorithms are “where the money is,” since headless AI “doesn’t try to replace people; it gives them superpowers” — for example, predicting the future. Harris ultimately argues that headless AI are delivering “radical productivity leaps that they haven’t seen from software in decades… In the near future, every core business function will have been transformed by AI — hiring, sales, security, marketing, finance, manufacturing…everything… Legacy software will get squeezed down into a smaller portion of the IT wallet as the most valuable services become the native AI platforms — just as form-based desktop software got squeezed out by the cloud in the last generation… the real enterprise revolution is happening in the companies that are using headless AI to transform their core businesses.” By comparison, he argues that many of today’s bots “are kind of a hipster facade around the same basic command line interfaces consumers abandoned in the 1980,” and suggests this focus on personality misses the larger significance of behind-the-scenes AI.

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