Eliminating Access Blind Spots in the Modern Enterprise

Last year, 63% of data breaches involved compromised identities. This year, it’s up to 81%. As the world settles into the “new normal” of mobile, cloud and other nontraditional access points for applications and other resources, the problem of identity-related attacks isn’t going anywhere; to the contrary, it’s getting bigger. We can’t promise those numbers will be better next year, but we can definitely share some insights into what’s behind this trend and what you can do to protect against identity-related breaches in your organization.

Blind Spots: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See
Here’s the problem: Cloud and mobile have so thoroughly redefined the IT infrastructure, nothing looks the way it did before. With the network perimeter at its breaking point, SaaS applications creating disconnected “islands of identity,” and a dynamic user population that often includes third parties, it’s become a challenge for security teams to see everything that’s going on in the access environment. These blind spots are wreaking havoc on their ability to recognize identity attacks when they happen.

The good news is we can eliminate these blind spots. With a new approach to authentication that focuses on identity assurance, security teams can regain visibility into the access environment to pick up on threats wherever they occur and respond to them instantly.

Intelligence-Driven Identity Assurance: Seeing Users for Who They Are
When security teams begin to focus on identity assurance, they can eliminate the blind spots that put organizations at risk for identity-based attacks. Identity assurance balances the risk associated with a user’s access actions against the assurance that they are in fact who they say they are. This makes it possible to reassert control over the perimeter, regain visibility across islands of identity and keep up with a growing, changing population of users.

To eliminate access blind spots, you need an intelligence-driven identity assurance solution that centralizes control and visibility, provides risk and context awareness, and leverages risk analytics to accurately assess access risk.

RSA SecurID® Access: Delivering Identity Assurance
We designed RSA SecurID Access to centralize control over a diverse, dispersed identity environment and to give you the insights into identity that you need to balance risk against the assurance that users are who they say they are.

To ensure that protecting against identity attacks won’t burden everyday users, RSA SecurID Access is also built for user-friendly, frictionless access. When step-up authentication is warranted, for example, the solution offers users plenty of convenient authenticator options from mobile push notification to hard and soft tokens to biometrics.

Learn more about how identity assurance can eliminate access blind spots in our new eBook—and learn more about how RSA SecurID Access can help you do it.

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