eperi sets sights on the UK for rapid growth

eperi, the leading provider of cloud data protection (CDP) solutions, has announced expansion to the UK market to address cloud data protection in the wake of high Microsoft Office 365 adoption and the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe.  A recent winner of Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Open Source on Azure category, eperi hopes to capitalise on this trusted status to help UK businesses succeed in the cloud.

The eperi Gateway CDP solution helps pave the way to the cloud for many companies who have regulatory and compliance needs to secure their data in the cloud.  By focusing on data itself and providing the highest levels of encryption and tokenisation, eperi solutions allow users to securely process their data while rendering it unreadable, and therefore useless, to unauthorised parties and hackers.

“The eperi Gateway allows Office 365, Dynamics CRM and Azure users to process even highly sensitive data in the Cloud without taking risks, so the market potential, especially in the UK is vast, ” said Elmar Eperiesi-Beck, Founder and CEO of eperi. “All user data outside of the customer’s company is always encrypted or tokenised and because only the customer holds the keys, the data is unreadable even in case of theft. The technology satisfies strict regulatory compliance requirements, including GDPR, which deals with the movement and protection of data in and out of Europe.”

To manage demand and continue to build partner relationships, the company has also hired respected industry veteran, Ravi Pather as Senior Vice President of Global Sales to coordinate the worldwide sales and marketing activities of eperi, including direct sales and distribution via channel partners. Since 1999 Pather has been responsible for the successful marketing and sales strategies for various IT companies such as Voltage Security, Perspecsys and Blue Coat Systems. The focus of his work was cloud data protection and data compliance through encryption. His field of activity focused on leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) partners such as Salesforce, Service Now and Oracle.

“eperi has everything that is necessary for international success,” said Pather. “I am impressed by the technology leadership of the company, which makes the cloud secure for enterprises, as well as the highly ambitioned team and the existing partnerships with Microsoft, Salesforce, T-Systems and others. I am thrilled to be able to facilitate the company’s journey in this crucial phase. ”

The eperi Gateway is the market-leading gateway solution that encrypts or tokenises data in cloud applications, databases, and files before they are processed. This also includes data in Salesforce or database software such as Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle. It allows organisations to encrypt Office 365 emails, tasks, calendars, and files for SharePoint and OneDrive before they are stored and processed outside the organisation. For the ever-increasing number of decentralised cloud products in all areas of corporate IT, the eperi gateway represents the most flexible and secure data protection solution possible. It is a simple way for companies to meet even the most stringent data protection laws.

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