F-Secure Does Cyber Security

For more than 10 years, we’ve released an annual report/summary featuring observations, research, and malware trends. And in past years, this publication has included the word “threat” in its title. But no more! There are rather significant changes this year in our… State of Cyber Security.

The new title reflects a change in the type of content you can expect to read in the report. Although we still have portions devoted to this year’s malware landscape, the report is largely focused on cyber security at large and stories from the field.

In my previous post, I mentioned we’d be making a lot more noise about the work of our Cyber Security Services division. This report is one of the steps we’ve made in that direction. And another nice change you’ll notice is that this year’s report includes several contributed articles from some of our friends and partners.

This report took a lot of hard work to put together, but my colleagues and I had fun creating it. We hope you have just as much fun reading it!

Finally… here’s a link to the report.

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