“F-Secure does red teaming?”

On June 2nd 2015, F-Secure announced via a press release its acquisition of the Danish Cyber Security firm, nSense. That press release contained the following snippet:

the combined portfolio will allow F-Secure to provide top-tier incident response and forensic expertise, comprehensive vulnerability assessment, and threat intelligence and security management services to enterprises and businesses with critical IT infrastructure.

Last week, we released a new brand video. See below.

In response to the video, we started to see some interesting (and in some cases flattering) comments on Twitter.

(See the thread here.)

Yes, F-Secure really has been doing red teaming since June 2015 (and nSense well before that). And incident response, digital forensics, risk assessments, penetration testing, fuzz testing, vulnerability assessments, software security consulting, and a whole bunch of other things is now something that F-Secure does. We possibly didn’t make enough noise about that fact. Expect that to change this year!

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