Five pitfalls to avoid when migrating to the cloud

Mistakes can be costly. They also can be so painful they keep you from venturing any further ahead.

Of course, that’s true with almost anything tech-related, but IT managers will tell you that there are some common, and potentially damaging, pitfalls that anyone looking at a cloud migration should work to avoid.

Migration mistakes can cost the enterprise money and time, and eliminate or reduce any expected increases in agility as well as speed and cost savings.

Those stumbles and losses could cause business execs to back off from a bigger cloud migration. It also could cause execs to lose faith in their IT leaders.

“This is part of the learning curve,” said Deepak Mohan, an analyst with IDC. “The negatives are attributed to the cloud and not to these mistakes that need to be corrected… If a company does not realize the cost savings and they fail to see the results they thought they’d get, the result is that there is a drop in faith and a lowering of confidence in your cloud strategy. And that will cause a slowdown in adoption.”

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