Google Photos Can Now Stabilize All Your Shaky Phone Camera Videos

In early August, Google announced a feature for the Google Photos mobile app that would automatically stabilize videos in your camera roll. That feature is now rolling out via Photos v2.13 on Android. The Verge reports: A lot of flagship smartphones offer optical image stabilization when shooting video, a hardware feature that helps keep footage smooth. Others, like Google’s Pixel, use software to try and stabilize jerky movements. Putting stabilization inside the Google Photos app could enhance results further if you’re already working with hardware OIS, or improve recordings significantly if your phone lacks any means of steadying things out of the box. The stabilized video is cropped in a bit, as you might expect, and the original clip remains in your Photos library; there’s no overwriting. Here’s a side-by-side demo someone else made of the app’s latest trick.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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