Google Schools US Government About Gender Pay Gap

Google wants the US government to know that it takes gender pay equity very seriously — and is baffled by the contention that a gap exists at the tech giant. From a report: In responding to allegations lodged by the US Department of Labor that Google systematically pays its female employees less than it pays men, the search giant said in a blog post that employee gender doesn’t factor into compensation decisions. Google described the process that it arrives at suggested compensation as “extremely scientific and robust,” relying on the employee’s role, job level and location, as well as recent performance ratings. What isn’t considered in determining pay is whether the employee is male or female — that information is masked out to those making the compensation decisions, Eileen Naughton, Google vice president for People Operations, explained in the post late Tuesday. “The analysts who calculate the suggested amounts do not have access to employees’ gender data,” Naughton wrote. “An employee’s manager has limited discretion to adjust the suggested amount, providing they cite a legitimate adjustment rationale.

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