How Not to Make a Movie About Tech

‘The Circle’ (a techno-thriller movie starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson) is a dated, far-fetched parable about an imaginary villain — and far less scary than its television counterpart, says Alyssa Bereznak, a staff writer at The Ringer. An anonymous reader shares the article, removing the excerpts that could spoil the plot: Hollywood is keen on illustrating the awesome power of modern-day tech companies and the elite class of entrepreneurs who run them. But lately the most effective way to do that is not to focus on what’s possible, but to illustrate the real-life personalities that control the near future of tech. Stylistically, a show like HBO’s Silicon Valley couldn’t be further from a production like The Circle, and yet it succeeds in threading together a host of issues in tech culture, including major corporations’ monopoly-like power to squash competitors, manipulate the unwitting tech press, and bypass the interests of their employees and users for the sake of better stock prices. Now at the beginning of its fourth season, the show is lauded for its highly researched, accurate depictions of the Bay Area’s power players — so much so that it has spurred at least one Business Insider post dedicated to identifying each character’s real-life inspiration. (The show has even featured a handful of cameos from the industry’s power brokers, including Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt.) Even if it does take place in a comedy created by the man who gave us Beavis and Butt-Head, the show’s researched interpretation of real life is a much more compelling way to display the tech world’s flaws, rather than simply relying on imagined scaremongering.

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