IDG Contributor Network: 3 things you can learn about online marketing from tourism hot spots

When you do traditional marketing work, it’s easy to hit a wall. We’re constantly inundated by media, resulting in Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and, ultimately, in content burnout.

Part of the problem, though, might not just be the volume of content we’re exposed to in this field, but the narrow scope of it. Siloed into traditional corporate concerns regarding finance, technology or other core industry topics, it can feel like all the angles have been covered. What’s left to say?

In order to break out of your marketing rut, consider turning to another industry for a new take on what promotional work can look like. For example, tourism hot spots around the globe are constantly working to break the mold — and they’ve got more than a few tricks to share with those in technology, analytics and digital security.

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