IDG Contributor Network: 8 things your business should never do on social media

Social media is a vital part of marketing for today’s businesses. If you don’t at least have a presence on one platform, you’re likely missing an important way to reach your customer base. But while your personal social media account lets you interact with friends and relatives, a business account is completely different. Brands must always be careful not to alienate the very customers they’re trying to attract.

Once you’ve set up your social presence, the real work begins. Here are a few things to avoid as part of your social media marketing efforts.

1. Be offensive

Nothing will make a brand’s marketing efforts go south quicker than offensive social media posts. There are numerous ways you can hurt your online reputation, including appearing misogynistic or homophobic, making jokes about dire situations in the news, or coming across as racist in a post. Make sure the person who handles your posts is trustworthy and, for an extra step of caution, require all posts to be approved before going live.

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