IDG Contributor Network: Are you ready for your transformation initiative?

There is a lot of transformation happening around us. Business transformation, IT transformation and digital transformation, to name a few. These transformations certainly can disrupt business operations. It makes sense that at the end of the transformation you obtain the benefits/value you expect to obtain. Undertaking any form of transformation just for the sake of transformation is probably not a good idea. I’ve seen situations where an organization does not have a clear understanding of what that future transformed state will look like. Or worse, they get to that future state and it is not what they needed or expected.

So what can you do? How do you make your transformation effort a success? There are no guarantees, but there are ways to ensure that at least you get started in the right direction. I’m a strong believer in asking key important questions. The better the questions (targeted to the right audience), the more likely it is that the answers can help guide the transformation effort.

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