IDG Contributor Network: Challenge and opportunity in the world of M&A IT integration

CIOs are well aware that many IT projects fail to meet their stated objectives, are over-budget, or are late. Ask any CIO, and they can quickly list many reasons why IT projects fail, from poor planning to lack of business engagement, and everything in between. Delivering the IT tools needed for the business is difficult in a normal year, but then an announcement is made: the company is buying another business.

While the balloons and streamers fly, marking the beginning of the celebrations, the CIO and his or her team will quietly gather to ponder strategy.  What is the transaction perimeter?  What systems do they have?  Why wasn’t IT informed of the deal before it was announced?  What happens to our current projects?  Will we have help to get all of this done?  What is the timeline?  And then the tougher questions begin:  What will happen to IT?   Will our jobs be impacted?  

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