IDG Contributor Network: Chatty chatbots and the ‘time to frustration’

Chatbots have been getting a lot of attention recently through a combination of trends: advances in natural language processing (NLP), a resurgence of chat and chat channels (think Facebook Messenger, Slack, Hipchat etc), ubiquitous mobility and advances artificial intelligence — including the emergence of A.I. systems that are beginning to understand the intent of spoken or written words. In addition, consumer and user familiarity with this low-hassle, unintrusive channel makes chat a preferred mechanism for several interaction scenarios.

As enterprises look to capitalize on chat, an option that offers connectivity and always-on communication and interaction channels, they have to be aware of the maturity of the channel and balance that with the need to maintain the quality of customer interactions and experience. This is hard to do, and it can conflict with the allure of a cheaper-to-maintain and scale-out customer experience and interactivity channel.

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