IDG Contributor Network: Dell Wyse 3040: not your father’s thin client

Thin clients have been around for the last three decades in various forms, but many CIOs have shied away from them due to technological limitations or cost. However, over the last ten years a lot has changed on the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) front to enable thin clients to be much more powerful. Additionally, thin clients themselves have become more powerful and capable while reducing size and cost with nearly every generation. With the latest generation of GPU-accelerated VDI from NVIDIA introduced in 2012 and AMD as well as the raw horsepower increases from Intel on both the data center and thin client side, the overall VDI experience has gotten much more competitive with traditional desktop environments. Not to mention, the overall security of VDI has gotten much better than in the past and is without a doubt more secure than deploying something like Chromebooks with hard drives as other analyst firms have suggested.

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