IDG Contributor Network: How Amazon is bringing the Alexa experience to your phone

If there is a reason for why Amazon has been thrashing its competitors in the home assistant market, it is because Google and Apple thought there was no need for such a device like the Amazon Echo. What is the point of a home fixture with an intelligent assistant like Amazon Alexa when smartphones exist?

The fact that an estimated 8 million people own an Echo as of 2017 shows that yes, such a device very much serves a purpose. And now instead of facing competition from Google and Apple in the home assistant market, Amazon seeks to strike back by integrating Alexa with phones. As CNET reports, Huawei Mate 9 owners “will get it first in an over-the-air update”, and it is available for iPhone users as well. Other Android users will eventually be able to install Alexa over their phones through the Google Play Store.

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