IDG Contributor Network: How Ikea is transforming itself into a smart home company

People make fun of Ikea as a company that sells lower quality furniture that takes hours to put together, but the company has made it easier for everyone to buy furniture they could not afford otherwise. As of last week, Ikea seems determined to take this democratic approach to the smart home, making it easier and cheaper to access the power of the internet of things (IoT) and smart devices.

The Verge reported that Ikea’s first step will be in smart LED lighting, which will be connected through an app called Tradfri (Swedish for “wireless”). The Tradfri starter kit consists of 2 light bulbs, a hub to link devices together, and a remote control which will let even those without a connected phone change the lights. The starter kit is not currently available in the United States and will sell for $79.99, $50 cheaper than a comparable set from Philips Hue.

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