IDG Contributor Network: How tech plays a role in management

Technology has become an integral part of running any business in today’s fast-paced world. Small business owners and management boards of multinational corporations who have embraced the era of technology understand the significance of information technology (IT) in optimizing production for better efficiency in operations and improved profits. Here is a look at how management in various businesses is utilizing technology:


Communications done through email have been around for quite a while and are believed to be one of the early drivers of the age of the internet. Managers in various companies use email to communicate to their employees, suppliers and customers on a daily basis because it’s inexpensive. However, over the years, companies have also adopted other communication media such as the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for video conferencing, live chats and smartphones that have enabled operations to run smoothly without encountering glitches. Employees, especially field officers, can use mobile forms to communicate with their supervisors back in the office and consequently cut down on the costs of transportation which also minimizes downtime. All these technological advancements in the communication systems of a company have promoted efficiency and increased productivity dramatically.

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