IDG Contributor Network: How to use technology to become a better leader

The world around you is forever changing and adapting to technology. Every aspect of your life has been impacted by technology in some way and business leadership is no different. Right now, there are some simple technology-based tips you can use to improve yourself as leader. Everyone wants to follow the steps of a good leader who knows how to utilize technology to their benefit. Here are five ways you can use technology to become a better leader.

Track analytics

Keeping track of your business and employees through traditional paper-based methods has become outdated, costly, and time-consuming. There are new analytic tools available for you to use to keep tabs on your business and employees. Not only will using these analytic tools cut time costs but will also decrease the possibilities of errors or employee fraud. It’s difficult to fake data when a computer is automatically doing it for you. In order to become an effective leader, you also need up-to-date and reliable data ready at your fingertips. Easily compare how your competitors are doing, track returning customers, and monitor sales with digital analytics.

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