IDG Contributor Network: How you can be the smartest cybersecurity expert in the room

Every 10 years, something comes along in the world of IT that is so big, so important, that shrewd people build wildly successful careers on just that one event.  Past examples have included ERP system implementation, “Y2K”, and cloud computing.  The brass ring is coming around again and this time it’s called “cyber security”.

Security is dominating the conversation

This year we have been awash in headlines about major security breaches, hot new products, and the emerging threat to our way of life from cyber warfare, both public and private.  There is a great sense of urgency worldwide to “get serious” about cybersecurity.  In an article by Dan Lohrmann (“you ain’t seen nothing yet”), we see many reasons why concerns about information security have become front-and-center.  I am a great proponent of following the money trail when determining if something is for real or just a fad.  As outlined by Steve Morgan of CSO, global spending on cybersecurity will top $1 trillion for the five-year period of 2017-2022.  For IT leaders this news on investment is huge.  It means the resources will be available for major new projects that we need to launch, covering everything from hardware and software to the next generations of adaptive technology.  It also means we will be able to invest in top talent and be able to afford the training they will need to become fully adept.

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